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Willow Lane first started off as a small commercial cow calf operation with a small grain operation. The small commercial herd were A.I.ed to raise half-blood Blonde D'Aquitaine. This motivated Vern to import his first purebred Blonde female from France in 1974. This was the start of a very successful purebred operation. The Willow Lane blonde herd grew to a size of 50 head. Scott and Vern exhibited these cattle at many shows capturing many titles, including Canadian Western Agribition.
Willow Lane Land & Cattle was officially established in 2002. Willow Lane then got out of the purebred business and back into a commercial Simmental herd. This herd has grown to a 300 head cow calf operation. Makenzie, Ty & Austin joined the Tisdale 4-H Beef Club and used steers from the herd. They are all still current members. This started Makenzie's keen interest in cattle so she purchased her first purebred Speckle Park in 2014 with her steer cheques. After years of retaining replacements and purchasing a  local breeders small herd, Makenzie now has a competitive purebred Speckle Park herd of 40 head. Ty started his own commercial herd with the first heifer he showed in 4-H, Kit Kat. She has raised multiple heifers for him, allowing him to grow his commercial herd to a total of 10 females. Austin also has his own herd of commercial cattle that is compiled mainly of 4-H projects. Austin didn't stick to a certain breed but he has 12 head herd of a variety of Clubby, Charolais, Speckle Park and Simmental females. Since joining 4-H the farm has started into club calves. We are busy every spring experimenting with what crosses will give us the best and most unique calves. When winter calving comes around you never know what you are going to get.
Willow Lane Land and Cattle started out with 1600 acres of farmland and now has expanded to over 7000 acres. We farm wheat, barley, oats and canola. We also plant corn and millet to feed our cattle. All members of the family help out during harvest season, whether it be running for parts, driving machinery or making suppers, we are all involved. 
At Willow Lane Land & Cattle we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love.

About Us: Our Farm
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